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Hot Selling Peanut Butter Making Machine
this machine is used for milling the raw material into super-imperceptible powder. could be used for the pharmacy, food, chemical, and other wet material, this technology is the first class in china. and this machine is made of stain less steel. working system: this machine is using different shap...
Good Quality Mini-type Almond Peanut Slicer
ginseng cutting machine. it is installed on the four cutter blade,the thickness can be adjusted, slow slicing efficiency ratio is high, cut into diagonal pieces, straight pieces, cross pieces, piece of uniform thickness, color and appearance, suitable for class participation and other noble herbs ...
Hot Selling Peanut Oven Electric Roaster
this machine adopt infrared radiation . the roasted materials rolls continuously and nuts can be evenly heated in order to achieve a premium quality. we have different capacity , can make according to customers requirements. model dimension (mm) weight(kg) motor (kw) capacity (kg/h) ...
Broad Beans
broad beans size: 40-50,50-60,60-70,70-80,80-90,90-110pcs/100g imperfect beans<3% admixture<0.5% moisture<14% packing: 50kg/bags qty/20'fcl: 21-23mt
Red Kidney Bean
size: 200-220,220-240pcs/100g moisture<16% admixture<0.1% imperfect<3.0% packing: pp bag of 25kg/50kg/100kg qty/20'fcl: 24mt
Rumen Bypass Animal Feed,poultry Feed
cofat energy suppliercofat rich in all essential fatty acids designed for ruminant , it is the latest generation of rumen by-pass fat powder developed by zhongda agriscience. one of the greatest challenges for dairy producers is to...
Green Bean Vermicell, Mungbean Vermicelli
this is green bean vermicelli or mung bean vermicelli, it has 160gx60/ctn,180gx60/ctn,200gx60/ctn, 300gx36/ctn, 320gx36/ctn,400gx30/ctn,450gx24/ctn,500gx24/ctn,868g.
Bean Curd Machine
name: bean curd machine type: 105oa electrical ower: 12kw/380v refining power: 2.2kw/220v dimensions: 1500*720*1350mm <object id=tts_flash codebase=,0,0,0 height=18 width=18 classid=clsid:d27cdb6e-ae6d-11c...
chinese sorghum, one of the ancient cereal crops, has many kinds of white sorghum, red sorghum and yellow sorghum. it's rich in nutrition, such as starch, crude protein, crude fat, carbohydrate, crude fiber and microelements such as ca, p, and fe and vb family. it also has certain efficiency of prom...
lentils contain high levels of proteins, including the essential amino acids isoleucine and lysine, and lentils are an essential source of inexpensive protein in many parts of the world for those who adhere to a vegetarian diet or cannot afford meat. lentils are also rich in vb and folic acid which ...
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