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Apple Juice Concentrate
specifications: 1. brix:70℃+/-1 2. acid:2.2/2.5 3. color:80% 4. storage:-18℃cold store 5. packing:in aseptic bag with iron drum outside
Juice Concentrate
fresh pear juice concentrate,pomegranate juice concentrate
Pear Juice Concentrate
specifications: 1. brix:71℃+/-1 2. acid:1.0-1.2 3. color:80% 4. storage:-18℃cold store 5. packing:in aseptic bag with iron drum outside
Pomegranate Juice Concentrate
specifications: 1. brix:65°+/-1 2. acid:4.1-4.2 3. color:80% 4. storage:-18°cold store 5. packing: in aseptic bag with iron drum outside
High Fructose Corn Syrup
dry matter: 77% min fructose(dry matter): 55% min dextrose+fructose(dry matter): 95% min 5-hmf: 40mg/kg max re: high fructose corn syrup-f42(71%)&f55(77%)&f90(75%)&f95(77%) we are pleased to get to know that you are presently on the market for hfcs-55, and as a specialized manufacturer and e...
Apple Juice Concentrate
brix:70min, acidity: 1.0min, clarity: 95%min, color:45min
Ginger Juice,ginger Tea
ginger juice features: ginger has been a popular european remedy for appetite loss, aids digestion and motion sickness. its effectiveness has been known for 2000 years. it has been used for generations in asia for temporary relief from common cold and flu symptoms, asthma, shortness of breath, wat...
Ginger,fresh Ginger,dry Ginger
1) good quality fresh ginger at competitive price 2) good services, delivery in time 3) self-owned farms & manufactory ginger, 1. sizes: 50-100g, 100-150g, 150g-250g, 250g or as per client's requirements. 2. product origin qingdao, shandong province, china 3. supply capability: 50,000m.t annu...
Tomato Juice Concentrate
we specialize in juice concentrate. we also get certifications of iso9001, haccp, fda, kosher.
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