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Wheat Gluten High Protein
vital wheat gluten is used widely:it can be used as natural additives to be added into flour to produce wheat powder for bread, noodle, dumpling and fine dried noodles. it can be used in food industrial to produce gluten, bran dough, ham sausage, steamed bean curd roll vegetarian chicken, luncheon m...
Baby Love  Layer Biscuit夹层饼
size:12g*36bags strawberry classical relish
Milk-salt Soda
size: 500g*12bags/ctn 248g*24bags/ctn 200g*24bags/ctn
Love Story  Egg Roll
size: 20g*24bags*12boxes/ctn ingredients:wheat flour,cream,egg,chocolate,leavening agents, edible flavor, executive standard:gb/t20980-2007. fresh egg made into crisp egg roles if you want to know more information , please contact us.
Chocolate Wafer
chocolate wafer biscuit size:160g*42bags/ctn
Biscuit, Cream Cracker
best cream cracker size: 25g*24bags*10pkts/ctn 100g*48bags/ctn 200g*24bags/ctn 220g*24bags/ctn
Supply Wheat Flour, Corn Starch, Gluten.potato
hello! we are a specialized enterprises in china to process agricultural and subsidiary products, peanuts, mung bean, red beans, red kidney beans, potatoes, onions,and so on. at the same time, we export wheat flour, corn starch, wheat starch, wheat gluten to thailand, malaysia, the middle east etc...
Amino Acids Organic  Fertilizer
detailed product description 1.improve soil 2.improve fertilizer efficiency 3.improve crop quality amino acid organic fertilizer raw material: furfural slag,humic acid,plant ash organic matter: 35.0% min product name: amino acid organic fertilizer raw material: high quality corn star...
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