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Feeding Pancf-102
1) suits through out whole process "w" shallow plate, 5.5cm plate edge height makes chickens go in and out conveniently. no need to open feed pan. feed downfalls to the side of "w" shallow plate to guarantee that even the chickens stand outside the feed pans, they can also eat feed conveniently. ...
Feeding Pancf-101
1.multi-functional easy to assemble and unload wash ,adopt superior material,firm and durable ,feed regulator control the fodder volume,convenient for both chick and coke. 2.product standardized 12.1inch*11.9inch products from the production process, the finished products the process is stri...
Egg Incubator
jiahe egg incubator, export product, not only with little investment, save the electricity, but also benefit is high! there is the figure that shows temperature. there are also annunciator, and such automatic function with electricity or coal as turn egg, control temperature and humidity. 1. en...
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