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Standards Factory Supply Freeze Dried Kiwi
freeze dried kiwi is 100% natural. size:slice 5-7mm,pieces 2-6mm packaging: in bulk 6-8kg per carton or according to client's request. inside are double pe bags with corrugation carton outer. supply ability: 20tosn per month supply season: from oct to may b...
Supplying The Kiwi Seed
they can be used in food, cosmetic, medecine industries, and it contains lot of the linolenic acid oil. according to the scientist's research, the oil content is about 23.5%-28.85%, protein content is about 18%-21%, the content of α-linoleic acid is about 60%-63%. thousand kernel weight: 1.2-1...
128 days maturity, light green young leaves, strong plants growing vigorously, bloom uniform and cotton balls separate proportionally, 6gr ball, 40% ginning yield, fiber length is 30.5mm, 30.0cn/tex, 4.4 micronaire, and reflection rate is 75%, uniform percentage is 86.5%,excellent resistance to cott...
Cotton (lmy20)
130days maturity, slightly loose type plants with strong root system and stem, good resistance against falling, grow vigorously during full period, oval shape ball with thin shell, quality fiber, grinning yield is 41.2%, each cotton ball weighs about 6.4gr.
Cotton [lmy16(selected)]
132 days maturity, early-medium type, compact plants, oval cotton ball weighing 5.6gr, ginning yield is 39.8%, strength 20.7cn/tex, micronaire is 4.7.
Cotton (lzrh-1)
130days maturity, early medium hybrid type, tower shaped plant growing strongly, big size leaf, blooms uniform, cotton ball is oval shape and weighing about 5.8gr,ginning weight is 40%, easy to pickup, fiber is white and shining,excellent resistance against insect and fasarium wilt, good tolerance t...
Cotton (lmy25)
insect-resistance hybrid, examined and approved by state committee of agricultural species and varieties in 2005'
Corn (lz08)
plant grows compact and upwards, dark green leaves, 95days maturity for summer sowing, 247cm high, 100 cm ear tall. ear length is 20cm with14-16 rows, tube shape and white kernel axis, yellow and semi-hard kernel, nice appearance and quality. 88% ~ 90% full kernel rate, 1000 kernels weigh 300 ~ 330g...
Corn (lz07)
both for food and cattle feeding, maturing in 100 days for summer sowing, plant is compact and 280cm high, ear is 120cm high, 22cm long with 16-18 rows, yellow and hard kernel, white ear axis. 1000kernels weigh 320gr, full kernel rate above 89.2%, resistant to diseases. good yield of 9039kgs/ha show...
Corn (lz06)
95 days maturity after summer sowing, well developed root system, resistant to disease, drought and high temperature. plant is 260 cm high, compact shape, ear position is 105 cm tall with full kernels, leaf is narrow and grow upwards, tube shape kernel is 24cm long with 14-16 rows and 40 kernels per...
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