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Frozen Pepper
frozen pepper spec: in natural length with 8-10mm or 5-7mm in width. pepper blanched or frozen directly frozen pepper packing: 1x10kg/ctn or 1x20kg/ctn with polybag inside. green/red/yellow pepper slices, pepper dices or pepper wholes are available.
Frozen Green Pepper Diced
frozen green pepper diced 10x10mm
Hot Red Chilli
specification: 1, item:chilli 2, impurity: 1% max 3, no aflatoxin, no salmonella 4, packing:in woven bags,vacummed bags or as consumers' requests as a good manfacturer ,we have a good advantage ,as follows: 1, we have our own factory for whole dried chilli, grinding chilli powder with adva...
chili peppers, also called fanjiao, haijiao, lazi, hot angle, qin pepper etc, it is a kind of plants solanaceae chili. chili genera of one year or the perennial herbs. fruit usually in a cone or oblong, immature after a greenish, mature when bright red, yellow or purple becomes the most common, with...
Red Chilli Powder
chilli powder: flavor: hight hot degree, medium, sweet parika asta :60-220 mesh:70-80 moisture: 8% place of orign: shandong, jilin,henan ,xinjiang, certification: haccp, iso, fda quality :no aflatoxin,no salmonella, no mould as a manufacturer , we have a good advantage: 1) we have our ...
Red Hot Yidu Chilli
1.item :yidu chili 2.impurity; 1%max. 3.moisture:15% max 4.lengh:8-15cm 5.shu:6000-8500 6.quality :no aflatoxin,no salmonella, no speckle, no mould 7.package: woven bags,vacummed bags ,cartons,compress bales or as consumers' requests. we also produce and supply the following products: 1.commo...
Chili Sauce
chili sauce id delicious as seasoning and condiment. 3 kinds of flavor: 1)strong aromatic flavor 2)mild aromatic flavor 3)original flavor specifications: 1)248g*30bottle/carton 2) 275g*30bottle/carton 3) 330*30bpttle/carton
chili sauce is delicious as seasoning and condiment. packing:248g*30bottle/carton 330g*30bottle/carton 2500g*6barrel/carton flavor: 1)strong aromatic flavor 2)mild aromatic flavor 3)original flavor if you are interested in ...
Dried Pepper
dried chili pepper, dried pepper, hot chili pepper. red chili pepper. we are chili pepper suppliers. chinese red dried chili pepper supplier. we can supply dried chaotian chili pepper, dried yidu chili pepper, dried american red chili pepper, dried jinta chili pepper dried sweet chili pepper. the de...
Dry Chili
dry chili is a chili pepper through dehydrated products. it is characteristic of the moisture content is low, suitable for long time preservation, but not sealed packaging or moisture content high dry chili easy mildew. dry chili cuisine it primarily as seasoning edible
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